Sunday, March 09, 2008

Got Gas?

This is the world in which we live! The circumstances are not reversible! Just like our little dog Snickers, the corporate heads will continue to gorge themselves if we participate until they are sick of gathering the spoils of a declining economy. By the way, they will never tire, but I pray we will. Change is needed. Not at any level other than you and I. We are going to have to change our ways or continue to pay the price for not doing so. Out on the Great American Desert spring thoughts are sounding very bleek amongst the elder farmers gathering at local watering holes. They seem to think that the government needs to put a stop to the economical rape of their business. I doubt if that is forthcoming. I try not to throw cold water on the political end of democrats and republicans, but we are on a slippery slope and there is no way we can go back to the years gone by. Life is going to continue but it has got to change for many of us. Back to sails on my boats. Maybe even a little "scooter" for getting around town instead of the big HD. More walking perhaps and biking with pedals, as well. There is an answer to our current plight! As always "supply and demand" will hold true to their established courses. If we quit using so much prices will decline. That is a fact and the only ones who can make it happen are the people. God bless, Preacher.

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