Wednesday, January 21, 2009

King Of The Kitchen

My new job is going surprisingly well! Beginning with January 1st I have learned many new and exciting things. Many years ago I did commercial cooking in several places, but never anything quite like this. My wife is presently suffering from a broken foot which may take a long time to heal. My new manager fell in his office yesterday and was rushed to the hospital by a younger sister. He also sustained a foot injury. Surrounded by folks falling has never bothered me a lot but I do pray for their speedy recoveries. One never knows what turns life is going to take.
Here comes the interesting part of yesterday at the pop stand: I was busy making 5 or 6 dozen donuts(can't tell as yet how many are going to come out right with the equipment)when a faint voice was heard calling my name repeatedly. It was the manager and he was flat on his back half in and half out of the office. I didn't try to get him up right away due to a concern for neck or back injury. Ascertaining that those parts were okay I got him into a chair(this is easier when they don't have wheels)and discovered a swelling ankle. His first concern was how to keep the store open when he couldn't stand up to the register. My first priority was to shut down the equipment in the kitchen, and then grab a bag full of snow from a nearby bank to put on the foot and ankle. We got that all going and customers began coming in rapidly. I've never run a completely computerized till, but I managed to muddle through and get things to work. It's all touch screen activated and there are neat little pictures of the items being purchased. 100% automatic if you push the right buttons. I stumbled around some but I did not fall! LOL.....I was supposed to be training on the register this week so I guess it was "on the job" training or more like "trial by fire." Manager made it to the hospital. Emergency manager from another store came to run things for the day shift. As for me I happily returned to the kitchen and retrieved burnt cookies from the oven, half a dozen overdone pastries and cleaned coagulated donut dough from the machine. All in all it was a very eventful day and one which will go down in the book as trama, drama, & oh mama!
Cheryl will get better, although she will be on a walker for a while. My manager is in an air support thing and back at the till as of this morning. The kitchen survived(no longer smells of burnt stuff)and I arrived here to share the tale of how totally awesome God is in providing exactly what we need before we are even aware of the need. Oh, yeah, we got a new president yesterday. He said there was going to be change, but I haven't noticed any as yet out here on the Great American Desert. It is a wonderful day as the sun sets on our prairie vista. I pray yours has been good and life remains a smooth sea upon which to sail the vessel of your being. In Christ's Love, Preacher.