Sunday, October 08, 2006

Beautiful Days & Wonderful Nights

Time is growing short for the enjoyment of simple pleasures out here on the Great American Desert. Snow is predicted for Tuesday. This may have been the last weekend for just getting out and appreciating the freedom of two wheels on the highway. That was not our plan! We were going to have the best rummage sale ever, and we set up for it with all the strength God could provide. We made it through Friday and sales were slow. Then came Saturday morning at the table with an artist friend and the words of wisdom that came from his adorable bride; "You will only have this day to live once, live it to it's fullest!" It was as though we had both been struck by lightning. We zipped and stripped the tent(everything from the rummage sale was secured inside)and spent the rest of the day enjoying friends, relatives, an occaional baby or two, and the highway that leads to peace in the spirit. We are not opening back up tomorrow! The evening was so pretty that we tore everything down and put it away in the barn for another time. Which means that tomorrow we can relax, pray, worship, love one another, and enjoy the beauty of the fall as it has happened this year. Yeah, there are leaves to be raked, limbs on trees to trim, plants to move in for the winter, and numerous other tasks to perform. We will get them done, but we will not have another day like tomorrow to spend with one another and spend it we will without thought to the cost of hours not given elsewhere. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that God sends us angels to remind each of us of the things that are truly important. Thanks be to God! In Christ's Love, Preacher.