Sunday, September 30, 2007

Changes In Latitude

The top pic is one of the "new" home in the process of creation. It is 100 plus years old(maybe closer to 125) and is about to be removed from it's site to a new location. We have a piece of ground outside of the city and plan on putting this, along with a matching garage, out on the Great American Desert. In addition to what you see here there will be an adjacent(as in new construction attached)kitchen\dining\utility room of about a thousand square feet. Whoosh! I didn't think I would ever move again, and my wife, Cheryl, said she would 'never' do a move from our present location, but it would seem that God has other plans for the two of us. The old portion of the home is complete with some of the most beautiful oak floors and woodwork I have seen in years. It was, at one time after retirement from residential use, a "Bed & Breakfast." The multitude of options the new home will afford us is awesome. A year from now when the itinerant Christian musicians drop through we will have sufficient space(not to mention baths)to accommodate at least a dozen in extreme comfort and another half dozen in semi comfort. The spacious formal dining room will give us an opportunity to stretch our culinary expertise with the aid of a brand new kitchen built for cooking for people. We love to do that! So far this fall we have baked apple pies and cobblers, not to mention crunches for at least 30 folks and best of all, the apples were, for the most part, donated. That is another facet we shall have time(God willing)to enjoy together. I guess I've always enjoyed entertaining, but not always for the right reasons. With my grand piano sitting in the most formal living room it has ever had the pleasure of occupying space we will begin the task of making this beast of a house an inviting home for everyone who knows us and many friends we have yet to meet. Robin & Matt's new baby is doing really well, and Clayton and Mandy announced via E-mail that they are expecting in about 7 1\2 months. The troop from Montana is planning on a return trip to South Dakota next year while performing on the Christian circuit, so maybe with a little prayer and a lot of hard work we can be ready for 20 guests at the drop of a hat. Then there are the bikers on their way to and from Sturgis that we will be blessed to house for a short time. Whoosh! Lord, can it ever get better than that? Probably not until I get to return home and spend time with everyone, everyday, that preceded. That's all I can think of to share right now. Oh, about the pic of the car; We were on our way to a gathering in Sioux Falls when the little van we just purchased quit running. I had asked Cheryl if we had sufficient fuel for the journey right before we left and she informed me that the gas gauge showed plenty. It was not correct. We have only had the vehicle for six weeks and it does not(1995 Trans Sport by Pontiac)need to get far into the orange on the way to the E before running out completely. The car with the big dents and front end damage(an apparent refugee from the reservation)was driven to our rescue by son Travis and his girl friend( do people still use that term)Shantel. Anyways, I thought I should explain the picture for enquiring minds. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

What Have I Been Doing?

I suppose one might say I took a break after the winter 's thaw to stop and smell the flowers along life's paths. The truth is I have not got a clue as to what I have really done other than the time spent on stage, street, and studio. The life that I had begun to think was settling in quite nicely has taken another strange turn. I'm moving, again!
I do give thanks to God each day that my roots did not protrude too far beneath the surface of this piece of ground. I also give thanks that not everything got unpacked(more than 7 years here and I never really believed I'd be staying)'cause now I can look forward to moving "stuff" and unpacking it(maybe)in the new place. It seems that my wife, Cheryl, and I landed in one of those zones on this planet that is a very desirable location. What we have is wonderful, and we are whole heartedly planning on recreating this private piece of paradise in the new location(yes, that has already been decided). It may be as much as a year before we move in, but I can envision it now as I would like it to be. Isn't that the human way? We think first of how we'd like things to be and then struggle with getting out of the way so that God can work His wonders on our lives and put the "me" and "us" in the background. Perhaps it's like a picture that several folks can take at the very same time, but we are all getting a different angle on the subject. I for one would prefer it if things always came out my way. That is truly selfish and probably as human as one can get. After all, didn't I once say that this earthly existence is only temporary and heaven is my true home? Yes, I have said that in about as many different ways as one person can expound. Now, if I could just live that way everyday and let God do the big portions of planning.
Enough already!!! The past months have seen thousands of miles roll away behind the Harley, and more music & laughter shared than I could have imagined. The photos have continued to pile up in the 'puter along with the smiles of folks from the length and breadth of America as we
shared our lives and our experience of faith our here on the Great American Desert. The nights are getting quite chilly again, and Cheryl worries about what we are going to do with the ducks in the backyard(I never thought for a moment that we were not going to eat them), and that brings with it another cause for concern. Not the ducks, I know what to do with them, they roast up real nice. This year we have had more flowers than ever and now it is time to begin wintering the ones we wish to keep. Decisions, decisions!!!
I'll try to keep up with this blog thing better in the future along with posting pics of our piece of paradise that will fade away rapidly under the churning wheels of progress. In Christ's Love, Preacher.