Tuesday, January 06, 2009

When To Celebrate

My library filled with books on theology, history, and christianity offer very little concerning the origins of "Christmas" in terms of celebration. Yes, I know the dates have been changed and the order altered to the point where people really don't know what day it is in history(whose)but we know what time it is. Personally I enjoy the manner in which things have been organized. Thank God the world truly is round ie(spherical)as opposed to being flat. Flat is not where it's at!
My thoughts run in the direction of time rather than date. It is the time and events that Christmas embodies that we celebrate. Hence it can be a single moment or it can be a series of moments continuing throughout the year. That is how my thinking has turned this year and will more than likely continue to expand for the remainder of my life.
Our Christmas celebrations have been numerous this year. People's lives are hectic and everyone has schedules. The thing is we don't have to comply with schedules if we are willing to accept that the essence of Christmas enjoyment is in the heart rather than the time table imposed by religiosity, retail, and rigamarole(old term I first heard as a child)surrounding Christ's birth. In our new home we are still celebrating with carols, gifts, laughter, love and warmth. There are portions of the 100 year old house that are very reminiscent of the early years in her history(I have no clue why I refer to the old part of our home in the feminine, that is just how my mind works). One of our artist friends shared that to her it appears we have even made the 1500 square foot new addition appear to be ancient. Not in the architecture, but in the design appearance. That's just Cheryl and I sharing our passion for that which has gone before us. I don't know how one hides a 21st century high tech home media center, but it seems we have done just that! In the Bible one can learn that everything that is old becomes "new" again. So why not have it turn around and enjoy everything that is new becoming old?
The one thing that has not changed throughout all the years of celebration is the wonder of the children. We've all been there(or at least I pray you have), experiencing that Christmas morning. The wonder of the lights and sounds. The gifts that bring such joy, and the laughter that is never forgotten. We are continuing to celebrate Christmas in our home and invite you to do the same. All year through there should be a part of every christian home that is devoted to the ecclesiastical calender.....Advent-Christmas-Epiphany-Lent-Easter-Resurrection-A Pentecost Event. That's a whole little poem thing I learned as a child and it holds true today. We celebrate Christmas every day of every year. In how we converse, the manner in which we treat others, and the love we share for family, friends, and loved ones.
My lineage extends back to America's beginnings, perhaps before, as I am considered by many to be part Native American. WHAT EVER!!! Now if we could just celebrate Thanksgiving a little more often I would be greatly pleased! Our lives are what we make of them. Pray for your country, the leaders, and the people. In Christ's Love, Preacher.