Saturday, October 27, 2007

Some Days Are Diamonds

I know, and some days are stones! LOL....the thing is we have to keep a perspective on is what is happening in our worlds. Today there are folks in California who have lost their whole lives, the home and all that was in it is gone forever! My cousin, Lenore, out there, is safe(spoke to her the day before yesterday)but she does know people who are not. Meanwhile, out here on the Great American Desert we are in the process of building. My job at the present time is one of putting paint on an old structure to make it look "good" for the folks nearby and the people that work in the banking industry. That will work out according to God's plan, I just wish I had an answer or a clue as to what was coming around the next bend in the road!
Scott Narragon is doing the concrete work[if I misspelled please forgive me]. His crew are the best I have seen out here! I observed and took pictures as they worked today. Well oiled and primed for the task are the first descriptive phrases that come to mind. Mind is an operative word. Inside this mind is the brain which still finds it impossible to fathom that my wife, Cheryl, and I have embarked on this journey of construction. Tom, the plumber, was on site today helping me to understand what his needs are for making the home(we'll see how that works out)a workable entity in terms of where we take care of life's business. I need to sit down with a pencil and paper plus a ruler and position the plumbing. Never have I had to do that before. I don't know that I will do it well this time, but I do give thanks to my shop teacher, Mr. Bruggeman, if not for him I wouldn't have a clue as to what to do next.
It does appear as though we have a project in process and that in the next year my residence will once again be altered. I presume that there is a plan in all of this, and that we will be beneficial to\our Creator. I do wish He would fill me in on what part in this I will be playing. Never lose sight of how funny life can be. Lenore(my cousin in San Diego)shared her thoughts following a local news cast interview with some elderly people who had lost their home in the fires. "I guess we'll just start over." What can any of us do, other than start over again. That is what our Lord offers us. The opportunity to begin anew the process of living life to its fullest within the context of God's forgiveness. This is not a one time thing. It begins every day when we reach back within ourselves and choose to begin anew the life(gift)that we have been given. No matter what happens, we can always begin again! In Christ's Love, Preacher.