Sunday, November 11, 2012

Losing track of stuff has become a way of life. Someone once told me that happens when we get older. Older or not I just forget. That's why when I'm working construction here at the house I try to have a least two yardsticks, tape measures, hammers, tool kits, etc. you get the picture. This year I've lost track of how many consecutive days I've been out on two wheels. I thought the latest run began on June 12th, but when I figured up the X marks on the wall they total 143 so that can't be right. Whatever, the season is drawing to a close. Snow was in the air this afternoon and it took a battery charger to start the Ultra with the temperature hovering just under 21 degrees. It was brisk on the streets to say the least. I'm going to miss my daily putts. It puts life in a more proper perspective on a day to day basis. Like yesterday when the rain came down(it was 47 degrees at that time)and I knew it was time to head for the shed. I did gas up one more time just in case. Life is like that. We try to be ready for everything and then when something happens it is usually unexpected. Like Mitt expecting to win. What a night of elections! Good or bad we take it all in spit it back out and come up with a smile for everyone. God bless my country! It is still the best in all the world and even though I may not always agree with the political winds I must reverently bow to the coming of another winter! Maybe the sun will shine four years down the road. As for today, I know that spring is coming. In Christ's Love, Preacher.