Sunday, October 07, 2007


Everyone should have a friend like ours. His name is Snickers and he has been living here for about a year and a half. He was originally a gift to lead singer Jackie Bird in Atlanta, Ga, but her travel schedule did not allow space for a pet, not even a 3 pounder. He made the circle of family members and was much loved and cared for, but folks with busy lives did not have sufficient time for the poor little guy. He was born on October 31st two years ago, and shortly we shall celebrate his second b'day. One afternoon I received a call from the lead guitar player. Gordon and his wife JoAnne were leaving town and they had a gift for Cheryl and I. The gift was Snickers. Although we have rather involved lives as well, we also have a circle of dog-loving friends here in Brookings. Snickers has a lot of canine friends, but no girlfriend as yet. That's something we have talked about considerably, and perhaps one day the right lady of similar breeding will come along. He'd like that, and we'd get to host his kids for awhile. I stopped for a bit this afternoon to share a few thoughts, and as always, Snickers was ready to share conversation, lunchtime and a little good hearted play. By the way, Snickers really isn't my pet, he is much more fond of Cheryl. When she is here they are inseparable. He has grown on both of us, though, and is really a good traveler, as in 8-10 hours down the interstate to three states away. In his own way he has adopted us as "his people" and commenced to training us to be the folks he would like us to be. He doesn't like winter out here on the Great American Desert, so his humble hovel of a doghouse inside has it's own heat by way of a heating pad and blanket. Days like this when it is cold, rainy, damp and windy outside he spends his downtime in the little house cuddled up in comfort . I have to be out in the weather some today, so I take my comfort along. My Savior accompanies me everywhere and provides everything I need to be happy, and warm, inside and out. Maybe not always as warm on the outside as I might like(it gets down to 30 below zero up here at times)but I have a smile that provides a ray of sunshine for the inner me. That and the knowledge that I am loved. I think that is what makes Snickers life really good, he knows that he is loved, and we all need that. If you have a need to feel loved I can assure you that all you need do is ask. No matter the circumstances, God loves us unconditionally and wants for us to be happy and after all, is that not what love is all about? Have a wonderful day, and share some of it with a friend. In Christ's Love, Preacher.