Friday, April 18, 2008

Sound on Sound

Whoosh, what an array of speakers and amps! I can only imagine the massive sound they must produce. One of my "sound systems" is a 25 year old monitor setup that I built for doing outdoor concerts. It consists of a pair of Bose design(I borrowed cabinet dimensions from the 501 speakers)and put in 15 inch woofers(JBL), 12 inch midrange speakers by Gibson(they carry that sweet sound of screaming lead guitars quite nicely) and ribbon tweeters for all drum sounds that usually get lost in live performance unless you're sitting less than ten feet from the drummer. It's stereo running 600 watts per side. I don't think I ever missed a lick. When we finally get moved my "boom box" will be placed back in service for the office above the garage. It's more of a loft, but I'm looking forward to it becoming a haven for space and sound. We are continuing to work on the new home. Cheryl is painting bedrooms and I'm doing the little stuff. We were blessed this week by two of our friends. Terry loaned us a four wheel drive pickup, and Brian gave us a tandem axle trailer. Praise the Lord, what a combination. Today I loaded landscaping blocks, pressure treated timber, and an assortment of other materials and got everything onsite without a hitch. That is tongue in cheek, of course there was a hitch, on the trailer. The truck is a sweet 1994 GMC with lots of oomph under the hood. It has 94,000 miles on it but they don't seem to have hurt the beast other than the usual signs of wear. For some reason the person who originally purchased the truck got it without FM. The radio brings in AM just fine, but I do think it's a little weird to not have FM in the vehicle. I noticed that AM radio hasn't really changed much in the past 45 years or so.
God has truly blessed us in so many ways that I couldn't list them here without taking many pages of type. My body continues to argue about the work it is performing. Ah, the plague of pains. I keep telling myself that the more work I accomplish the better shape I will be in and the more I will be able to do. That works in theory, I pray it works in actuality. The day began at 4:45 AM, and by the time I returned home for the evening it was 8:30 PM. It was a productive day, although I could have used some help with the landscaping blocks. They are very pretty, and I got them for an excellent price, but it would be nice if they were made out of something lighter than concrete. Oh, well, I'll be getting in shape soon and my body will not complain. Bet me! Tonight I will once again sleep hard and fast. Perhaps we were created this way for a purpose. I'd still rather be playing music somewhere, anywhere, but for awhile I'll just be listening out here on the Great American Desert where God has planted us and we will be blooming.
That's another thing about the new place. It is quiet. I mean really quiet out in the country! I think I had forgotten that element of country living. I welcome the peace. I've got more time to focus on the projects, and more time to express my faith while working. All I am in need of now is more time, and more energy. Another prayer is in order. In Christ's Love, Preacher.