Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Rides For Awhile!

A dismal day has dawned for those of us living in the Great American Desert. I took this picture through the screen on the patio. It did not improve the looks of our outdoors. The ducks aren't very happy and Snickers has the opinion that he would rather do his "business" in the bathroom. Maybe I should build him a little potty bippy of his own to see if he could manage it. This weekend we have the annual spring swapmeet in Sioux Falls, SD. I doubt that anyone will be riding their scooters. I had looked forward to attending but the weather is proving to be less than cooperative.
Looking on the bright side, though, I do have two new Vista builds up and running. One with 3gb of ram, the other with half that. I waited for Vista sp1 to come out before building the wee beasts. It seems everyone has had major problems with the operating system. Thusfar I have only experienced one lockup and that was after it had been left running for two days with no attention. I suppose I'll keep the three XP Home builds for backup. After a few years of use even the largest of hard drives is stuffed with stuff. Then there is the Win '98 sitting in my wife's office that we will have to decide what to do with before the big move. Can you tell I've been staying in to avoid the weather? There is also an UBUNTU build on the drawing board that I am really looking forward to having in my future office. I've had it all together and running for a few hours, but that was just a test. Now I'll do the real thing with a larger hard drive and more stuff. When I think about this it puts me in mind of how pleased I am that my Creator doesn't do that with us. Yes, I know He did at one point, but there was a remnant spared! It seems that there are a lot of folks in the ecumenical community subscribing to "end time" theology. They scare a lot of the ordinary church goers, and they scare me, too! My Bible tells me that no body knows the time of our next "tear down." There is a calendar pointed to by some that say 2012 is the final year. Personally I think they ran out of space to carve in the stone any more dates. Every medium has it's limitations. In God's time all will work out as it is intended. You and I are to be faithful, patient, and kind to one another in the meantime. As for today, I will probably have to go out at some point and wage war with the snow. That is truly a losing battle. Maybe, on the other hand, I will just wait it out and let the heat of the sun disperse the snow. It has been known to happen, even here this time of the year.
God bless, Preacher.

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