Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter 2008!

My wife has a "new" thing happening in her experience of life. They are called "ducks" and they not only live in the backyard but are now moving into the house we presently occupy. The first one(big mallard)came to us from a farm where he could no longer get along and play nice with the other ducks. Personally I find him amusing, but he has some really bad habits. This past spring and summer he followed Cheryl around the yard just like a pet duck(really quacked me up-pardon the pun)does. Then there came the white duck with the broken leg which we could not heal properly so she just gimps around and enjoys the water a lot because once immersed she is not handicapped. Then there came the whole ancient house project which may or may not ever truly end, but that is part of our life. Now, in this old bed and breakfast someone 80 or 90 years ago hand painted a duck on the bathroom door. He's a little on the cartoonish side, but Cheryl took a liking to it and insists that it will be preserved. Now we have a pattern forming. A passion, if one can call it that for the duckish things that continue to come our way. So the piano bench has now seated her three little duckie friends who are headed for a home in the original bathroom of the bed and breakfast. Needless to say the ducks will probably drive me crazy but I didn't have that far to go. Anyway as we close the night on a theme that is just "ducky" I wanted to share how much we enjoyed worship this morning. Easter is always special in many ways. The best part of the morning was just sitting back and actually worshiping without having to play, preach, or perform. Thank you Lord. God is like that! He always seems to know what we truly need, even if it is not exactly what we wanted. Praise God for a beautiful day, an opportunity to share great food with family and friends, and the reminder that I am forgiven as a Child Of God and therein we find ourselves being really lucky ducks!
In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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