Monday, March 17, 2008

Ideas, Thoughts, Assumptions!

I ran across a blog of interest that has to do with "collages" and their true beauty as experienced through the eyes and hence, minds, of others out here on the net. Fascinating stuff to say the least. So I put together the photo you see up above. A natural collage of objects in my kitchen(well, one was on the entertainment center, and the vase filled with flowers was brought to me by my loving wife in honor of St. Patrick's Day)so one might say it was a collage of "stuff" prepared on a whim and without the aid of the camera that does good photography(this was from the phone 'cause the other was not anywhere to be seen). God has a wonderful way of bringing things together when we least expect them. One of my favorite stories concerns my own road, which has not always been easy, but it has more often than not, been fun to travel. Even in the midst of riding the Ultra Classic back into the garage to get her out of the snow this morning I was grinning. Who would think I'd be riding my Harley through the snow, again! I was amazed that the engine started up and ran. Life has a way of doing that with each of us, the blessings intermixed with the not so blessed feeling times. For those of us attempting to live this life in faith, of faith, and through faith there is a wonderful bottom line. Maybe it lets us off the hook, but I think not. We have to be and must be responsible for all that we do and share with others. Be it for better or worse we are ultimately responsible for the impression we leave on other's lives. Sort of like the collages that impacted my perceptions this evening, each of us provides a different slant on how life is viewed through the eyes of people we come in contact with every day. I love Lloyd the ancient greeter at our local Walmart! He always has a smile for me and his life experience has been shared a number of times. I would not want it to be any other way, for in him I see both the past and the future. And it has all been good, and will continue to be as long as we place our faith in the One who has given His all for us. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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