Saturday, March 29, 2008

In Search Of Earth

Adama, Obama, are we watching SciFi or what? Folks are telling Hillary to get out now and strive to unite the party behind a single leader. She is not about to listen. This will be a bloody battle that is going to tear a party apart. Democrats(of which I am a registered one)need an opportunity to recapture the White House. This is not a game of capture the flag waged via children on a field of green, but it is beginning to appear as one. Adama is leading his people through space in flight from the Cylons who wish to destroy them because they are human. Obama is leading his people through a difficult time in America's history in hopes that he can make a difference and capture the flag of leadership that will make all of our lives better. Now we are living the SciFi life in real time. The directions that our country takes are not determined by a single person in an oval office. They are the directions which the past has imposed on them and the situations they inherit in that office for which the ramifications of decisions made last for decades. The legacy of the oval office is the respect it is given in other countries. At this point in time we are "under the gun" economically. There is no quick cure, but there can be prayer. I'm referring to the nation that could return to God and place Him in charge of the destiny of a country rather than resorting to the solutions proposed by people who truly only wish to advance themselves across the field of power. We have observed as greed, lust, and a host of seven sins have inflicted their influence over the country's capitol. Perhaps the time has come for the influence of those who sit in the pews(not Rev. Wright's)on Sunday to truly take a stand and influence the outcome of a political battle that(one way or the other)must be in the best interests of all concerned. That means the American people. There was a time when we were "isolationists" and that was right for that era. We can no longer be isolationists, but we do need to take charge of our country, our future, and our people. Those born and raised here(to the best of my knowledge according to the big book of Huycks we got off the boat not too far behind the Pilgrims)who run generations deep and have a vested interest in the outcome of our next election need to pray every day for our leaders and for those who live down the street, next door, and a few miles down the road, that their hearts will turn to the only salvation our world can know.
So, that is my spin on the situation we are in. Things are not looking really good folks! The economy is in trouble that runs way deep and way wide. There must be change, and it is up to us to encourage that change in a manner that will be the best for the folks we live with, share a neighborhood with, and sit in worship with us on Sunday. Maybe not all in the same church, but it is the same God we worship.
In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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