Saturday, March 29, 2008

Backgrounds & Borders, Bathrooms & Biffys

When we unite in the bonds of Holy Matrimony we also commit ourselves to a life of sharing space. Oftimes in our modern day world we have been "sharing space" for a long time before the ceremony & vows. I'm a bit old school. LOL....I'm probably as old school as you can run across these days. As we continue the process of creating in actuality our vision for a haven we come across the meaning of tonight's title. All of the elements that comprise a home(the home is actually Cheryls and I have a cave and office attached to it)are those which we must wrestle for another few months. After that they will be forever(at least for our lifetimes)set in cement.
I ere quite often on the side of practicality and usability. This will not become entirely apparent until I set the interior walls of our project and proceed to make it habitable for humans. My wife, Cheryl, does not care to have a lot of doors in her home. Where we are now one can enter a small(very)hall and encounter doors on three sides. I like that! Doors offer opportunities. One never knows what might be on the other side of a door. We recently had an accountant friend attempt to exit our home via a walk-in closet in our foyer. That is still providing many chuckles for those who were present.
There are many doors present in our life experience. Some we fling wide open and rush through only to find ourselves disappointed, dejected, depressed, and sometimes behind bars. That has to do with our personal choices. No person can make them for us and we all must face the decisions concerning our lives alone, unless we have received an initiation into the hall of a greater power. Others may have suggested this course of action. Friends and family may have tried to help us find it. But, the truth is, we can only make this big decision for ourselves. There is not a single person who can change us other than ourselves! What color we would like our walls to be, what type of floor covering we would choose to live with for a few months or the rest of our lives. I can say this from a personal background of prison ministry that if we do not choose the state will, and we will not appreciate the interior decorator! Gray is not a favorite color of mine, although I worked in that environment for eight years. I may have always known that I would be there, what I did not know was that they were going to let me in and check me out every day while I preached repentance! Those were wonderful times! Now I look forward to creating a haven for those who serve the Lord and need a place to be for awhile. Maybe even perhaps a bit of a retreat from the pressures of our world. That is why we are in the midst of choosing backgrounds, borders, bathrooms(there will be four)and biffys for all the Lord brings to us. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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