Saturday, March 01, 2008

Snickers Watching & Waiting!

Today the weather began warming rapidly. I filled the duck "pond" after dumping the inch and a half of ice out and set about getting on the road for the site where we are building the home of my wife's dreams. Today that home seemed more like a nightmare until I got into the spirit of the house and it's construction again. The temperature was predicted to rise to a balmy 45 degrees so I figured I would get to the house before the yard turned to nothing but a muddy mess. I now have sheets of siding laid out on the ground so I can get back to the garage. Even the ply stuff was squishing around beneath the van when I left around noon. The last of the concrete on the interior was poured this week. Sheldon is to be commended for continuing to do a beautiful job. Measuring the spaces has become an eternal endeavor as the inside begins to take shape on paper. There are far more details than I would have thought possible six months ago. There aren't any workers on site during the weekends so I have time to draw my lines and begin the process of drawing out where the walls will be placed. Originally I had planned a kitchen width(the working area)of 12 feet. That has now expanded to nearly fifteen as I recalled one of the architects telling me that 12 feet was the minimum he would suggest for a kitchen that included an island.
As I walk the hundred year old portion of the place that was at one time a bed & breakfast I become enamored with the beauty of the old oak pillars and doorways. Even though I know I have to get things accomplished because Snickers is waiting and the ground outside is warming, I pause far too often envisioning the project in completion. So many details that must be kept track of that I do believe I will need one of the office computers on site to make notes. That should not be too hard to do, and it would allow the fellows working there a way to communicate with me as we progress. Anyway, lots of thoughts, and lots of plans riding on the point of a pencil and the prayers I offer up to my Creator for wisdom this day! Soon all of the "roughin" work shall be completed and the interior will take shape. All in God's time, I persist in reminding myself. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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