Saturday, May 21, 2005

Dreams, Everyone Has At Least One Big Dream!

Most of my personal dreams in life have already been lived at least once, some more. There is this one, though, that I have not yet been able to get together. I've been on every imaginable type of water vessel known to man, but I have never sailed around the world. That's the dream I have yet to realize. I think about it once in awhile. My wife and I could have done it a few years ago, even talked about it while we were out in the Bahamas aboard the "Southern Cross." The thing is, I don't want to do it on a great big ship with lots of other people around. My vision has us on a 40-45 foot combination fiberglass and traditional wood, sail driven(power below decks in case of a doldrum, of course)ocean going vessel. Sell everything, except for one Harley which goes with, and a vehicle to get us to Aplena, Michigan, where the boat of my dreams will be waiting. Just the two of us and our faithful dog, wandering the seas in search of adventure and someplace that looks interesting enough to pull in and enjoy for awhile. The entire world in front of us and not a single thing to go back for. How does that sound for a dream? I've always liked it! In fact, it is my favorite! Do I think it will become a reality? God only knows. Cheryl doesn't really care too much for the water, and has never learned to swim, but as I've told her, "Swimming is not a required talent for sailing around the world, we'll have a small launch and life preservers! So there is nothing to worry about." The really best "life preserver" I can imagine, though, I already have. My faith in Christ Jesus. After that, this life and everything in it is on a "take it as it comes basis." I love the picture below of the sailing ship, "The Gazel" she looks so inviting, but a little too large for just the three of us. Out on the Missouri river we see sailing vessels every year on our way to the rally in Sturgis, and on the way back. One of these days we need to stop, go down to the docks, wander around and dream together. That is the best part of having someone to share life and it's many experiences with, the dreaming. Just the two of us with the sun setting to the west, feeling the wind come off the water as we move about the deck taking care of the details of managing a boat together, the smell of the salt air, and the wind in our faces. Standing wrapped in each other's arms watching the world as it comes to us. Ahhh, the dream.......God bless, Preacher.

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