Thursday, May 26, 2005

Each New Day Is A Welcome Surprise!

I left for a few hours this evening to attend prayers and meetings at the church. This is perfectly normal for a Wednesday night. Cheryl arrived home about 50 minutes after I left to find a kitten(7-8 weeks old)crying beneath "Old Blue," our '86 Chevy conversion van. She did not get the name from her color, although she is two tone blue. Blue has 260,000 miles on her 315 cu. in. V8 and when started up takes about 30 minutes before the exhaust changes to a normal color. Probably valve seals, or just flat out old age, but I digress. The kitten is now living comfortably in a box in my dining room, and has mastered the art of whining to get whatever it needs from my wife. My daughter, Jasmine, who turns 20 the day after tomorrow thought it was the sweetest thing. She arrived shortly after the kitten to show us her "new" car. Now, I love my wife, and I love my daughter, and I even like Jasmine's friend Dave, but the kitty has got to go! We reside on the fastest, busiest street in the entire hamlet, and the life expectancy of a cat in this neighborhood is between 6 and 7 months, tops. Cats by nature are independent(this is a male)and prone to wandering far and wide. As much as everyone adores this kitten planted on our(almost)doorstep, it just would not be fair to the feline. Our neighbor to the east, Joel, a retired college professor, has lost two cats already this year to traffic. The scary part of this whole situation is the picture thing. Jazz has a new phone to go with her new car, and it takes pictures. The phone, not the car! It has always seemed a little like if we start taking pictures of an animal in the house it has to stay until claimed by natural causes or naturally(can't you see it flat)unfriendly(downright inhospitable and unforgiving)traffic. This is the last thing I will share with you this evening. Did you know they have "in-dash" DVD, CD, MP3 players for vehicles? I didn't! Think about it, my 20 year old daughter that is moving to Boulder, soon, can zoom down the highway watching a movie on her dash while talking on the phone and taking pictures of all the new things she is seeing. Throw a coke and a burger in to the mix and please, please, if you are out there on the highway watch out for her! She's driving a new green Pontiac Grand Am two door with a sunroof. If you see her in Colorado, tell her that dad is praying for her every day! God bless, Preacher.

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