Sunday, May 08, 2005

Every Day Is An Adventure

Space, the final frontier......Whoosh! I am so amazed by what can be viewed in the heavens. It is 2am here in SD. It appears as though the rain may have ceased. I just finished chapter 54 in the book. This one took awhile. Kyra and I are working on our outdoor cooking techniques. She would really like to cook with me. We do some baking, mostly cookies of the chocolate chip variety, together. She came out a bit ago to ask why I wasn't sleeping yet. To be perfectly honest, I couldn't "feel" like sleeping until this very moment. My mind is fried tonight. Kaput. As in, "can't go no mo." I did want to pause for a moment thought and mention how it is that I feel when I get to looking at our universe. So vast, so deep, and yet it reminds me of the small universe that each one of us is. If we look inside, are we not as vast as the unending galaxies? Even at the age of four my grand daughter, Kyra, is so amazingly complex and deep. Maybe I read too much into the simple things. Last thought of the day, a quote by John Barrymore. "A man is not "too" old until his regrets outnumber his dreams." God bless, Preacher.
(Pssssst! Today is Sunday, join us in sharing worship with the Body of Christ.)

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