Friday, May 06, 2005

Here's To The Future Of Motherhood

I've been stacking a few photos on the blog as a result of time constraints. It seems our lives get so busy sometimes we tend to forget one of the principals involved in our even being here. Our mothers! This coming Sunday is Mother's Day, and I suppose there is no one that needs another reminder. The commercial world that wants every nickel they can squeeze out of you "in remembrance" of any and all holidays, has probably done it to death by now. Let me go at it another way. My youngest grandaughter is spending the next five or six days with us. She is a little over four. Thus far we have had a pretty good day. I couldn't get her as early as I would have liked due to necessary hospital stops. We managed to hook up at 10:30 this morning, since then the day has been interesting. Right now we can't seem to be able to get our shoes to fit properly and that is going to bring about a veritable gush of tears any second. In other words, "It's time for me to take a nap." Back to 'MOM' and what we might ought do to remember her as a mother. I guess I try to do a little something for all of the ladies that I know personally who are mothers. That makes it very simple. But there are the grandmothers, and the friend's mothers that we have never met or even so much as thought about before this second. Pray for all of them, and include the mothers of the future this year. This could well mean a lot of prayer, but it's worth it and so are they. Our daughters, sisters, and grands and great grands that will be bearing fruit one day, need all the help they can get to prepare for that "difficult" generation that they are going to raise. Mine was the worst of all, the "Woodstock" genre of the sixties, the "hippies," the "yuppies" of today, the "baby boomers." Do you ever get tired of the labels that are imposed on people for one reason or another? I know I sure do! But there is always another one coming, the "next generation." So, today I would suggest(I never give advice)that we all focus on the label "mother," and what it may mean in another half century. God bless, Preacher.

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