Thursday, May 19, 2005

How Do I Blog Thee? Let Me Count The Ways!

I've been going around and checking out different blog spots the past two days. Something that I had no time for until just recently(I was at E-Bay this evening. What an interesting place!). What I've learned about blogs could now fill a comic book(Do they still have those?). Some refer to this as an "online diary" others call it a "forum" and there are probably dozens more descriptive terms for what this personal enterprise entails. From my own perspective I guess I would have to call this a place to post my thoughts so I can check up on me occasionally and see what I've been thinking about. Personal opinions tend to run really strong throughout my blog, thusfar. Maybe that's how it is for all of the people out here blogging. The picture plus the dialogue way of doing this is more than likely not original, but it is to me! Below this(hopefully)is a picture sent to me from a friend in Canada. I loved it when I got it and knew instantly that it brought out in me many feelings that I wished to share. I really don't have much to say to go with the pic. It's a personal thing that I pray about. I try not to hate others. I try not to have "unchristian" thoughts about people anywhere, of any faith, color, economic background, or any of the pigeon holes we in our "humaness" are subject to sticking folks in. The actions that some persons choose really do get deeply under my skin, though. The recent bludgeoning deaths in Idaho and abduction of two young children is as much an act of terrorism as any that could occur in another country. It is domestic terrorism of the worst kind. Totally reprehensible, and the act of a mind that is so far removed from "normal" as to have created it's own sick niche in today's "unsociety." My wife, Cheryl, says that it seems to her that these types of acts are becoming more frequent in this world we live in. I would pray not! But the truth is that they 'do' seem to be happening at an alarmingly increased rate. I can't, in my heart, agree that it is the world we live in that is causing these heinous crimes. It's "someone" in and of the world who did it. Thay could be next to us at the quick stop and we would never guess. The strangler down in Kansas, what was it he was called, "the BTK killer" or something similar. Average sort of guy that was going to church and living in a community for years doing those things before getting apprehended. Just a couple of guys paying their money and learning to fly in our country. Maybe the guy purchased far too much fertilizer, but maybe he had a lot of fertilizing to do, right? This is getting out of hand and could go on far too long, so I'll quit. Keep your top knot tight, and your powder dry! God bless, Preacher.

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