Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A Mini Vacation In The Land Of "10,000" Lakes!

Taking time away from everything that we do on a daily basis, my wife, Cheryl, and I found this unique piece of history depicted in the photos below. Whenever we tour on the big HD we try to travel roads we haven't been on before. Yesterday was no exception, and for our time we received the most exciting reward. On a less traveled two-lane black top in Minnesota we came on this relic of a bygone era. It's only 20 miles from the interstate! Holding the southwest corner as it has for years, this railroad car was history before it arrived here! Shutters clicking and forgetting all about the inherent dangers in such a find, we explored. The concrete footings in front and the sidewalks which at one time ran all around indicated to me that this had been a sizable gas station. Two ancient concrete pylons indicated where the single pumps had once stood sentry at the front of the station. There were signs of a possible camping areas to the north, and there had to have been picnic and playground areas as well. I wish we could show you all of the pics. In the early days of our love affair with the automobile this had to have been a wonderful place to stop on the way to anywhere USA! It brings back visions of pop machines that vended like a one armed bandit, and cars "without" radios and heaters. Probably already here for years when the first roads were "tarred" this symbol of a once traveled highway now awaits the casually curious camera equipped traveler. Many blessings, Preacher.

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