Sunday, May 15, 2005

Pentecost Sunday On The Christian Calendar

I prayed for sunshine yesterday and today the sky is filled with sunshine. Thanks Be To God! Allowing the heart to follow it's deepest desirings, this is the Sunday we celebrate the "Promise Fulfilled." Believing Chirstians want to be as full of the Holy Spirit as the sea is full of water, as the atmosphere surrounding our planet is full of air, and as the fire is filled by flame. His(The Holy Spirit)purpose is to animate our spirits for the doing of God's will, to calm our souls and claim our comfort and recall Christ's promises to each of us. The Holy Spirit is the witness of God's Presence and Power for good. He is the rush of Heaven's wind, the fire of Divine communication, and He does not rest until He has revealed Christ as the Son of God, Redeemer of believing men and women and inseparable Companion of the committed soul. The Holy Spirit never fails. He is imperturbable in tribulation, indomitable in spiritual action and invincible in evangelism. He calls each of us as true followers of Jesus Christ to extend our hand to all. Jesus stands at the door of every person's heart, knocking. When we open that door and invite Him in He enters to share the feast that is found in His Holy Spirit. The soul thirsts for the waters of life that only Jesus can supply. Today, and every day, we exalt God's wonderful, healing power to transform lives for the good of His Kingdom on earth. He alone can cleanse and bathe, He alone can comfort and save, He alone is Christ Jesus, at whose sacred feet I bow. God bless you this day. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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