Sunday, May 29, 2005

Recognizing And Accepting Generational Differences

A youth movement for Christ formed up not too far from where I live(couple hundred miles)with a "new" way of sharing the good news. You have to be over eighteen and not past thirty to belong to this group. They've been in action for several years now and there seems to be a cohesive core of persons that form up the group with the best of intentions for the future. Realizing that generational differences are a part of our cultural system in this country I wonder about the wisdom of excluding, on the basis of age, any individual. But there has to be some sort of dividing line somewhere, doesn't there? After all, in a society that literally sells anything and everything on the basis of age and sexual attractiveness, we have to be aware of our limitations. Male enhancement drugs are an "in thing" today, so that an old guy like me can "feel" young again. Women, bless their hearts, are so encouraged to maintain an appearance of youth by the advertising world that I'm surprised we don't have more counseling services specifically designed for the loss of self esteem that must come with the inevitable increase in years. There is only one way I know of to "not" age any further, and that's to cease aging entirely(death cures advancing years). My thoughts on this today go like this: Ladies, you are as beautiful at every age as you allow yourself to be. Men, since we never really grow up, all we have to deal with is an elusive image of maturity. That said, why do we allow forces beyond our control to alter the perspectives of "who" we are? Because we are taught, conditioned, and trained that way by the world around us! Some of it is natural, but most of it is hype. Inside this shell of physical proportion there is another dimension, the realm of the spirit. It is eternal, unaging, timeless, and forever refuses the onslaught of years, declaring the years "unacceptable," recognizing only that essence of life begun with conception. Maybe that is why we have to be limited in the number of years we live, so that the spirit can be shed of the encumberment of life that restrains its true freedom. (Here comes the "hook") I believe we can get there before we pass over! I think we can empower the spirit to live joyfully and thrive within us. I believe there is far more to life than meets the eye. Take a moment of quiet time and still your mind. Don't you feel it? The life force that lives within the confines of your earthly home! God bless, Preacher.

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