Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Taking Control In Our Lives

I'm sitting at the kitchen table having my morning coffee. Cheryl was up and away to her job, waking me before leaving to remind me that Kyra, my favorite four year old grand daughter, is up and busy. That she is! Mickey Mouse is a dominant force in her life. She wants to go to Disney World, today! I have not shared with her, as yet, that I do not take children(even a favorite grand)under the age of twelve(ten if they're really healthy and active) to Disney world. It seems I had to learn the hard way several years ago. How far can you carry a seven year old in 90 degree heat to have fun? That was an exercise in futility not to be repeated. We live and we learn, which, I guess, brings us up to being in control of our lives. We can be at times, but all the biggies leave us lacking in the control department. I wish you were sitting here so we could talk about your life and how things are going. Mine has just opened up an area of space, timewise, that is welcome. The new book is finished(62 Ch. 190 P), publishers will have it in their hot little hands, soon. Praise God! I was beginning to think it was a never-ending task. That's the upside this morning! Good news, bad news, time. Several names in my prayer box have cancer written after them(Some Terminal). One is winging his way to a bone marrow transplant, another goes into surgery this morning with great expectations of full recovery. Health is one of those areas of our lives that seems to evade our personal control issues. That and age, gravity, hair, teeth, and for most of us life will be long enough that we run the full course, and that is a blessing! Last evening I had a very distraught young mother here at the table with me. It seems her fifteen year old son has become sexually active with a girl(thank God these days that it is with a girl)and she needed advice on how to handle the situation. I gave her my best insight. After having six or eight go through this stage I told her, "You yell, scream, demand an explanation, pull your hair out by the roots, and then ground them until they're 18!"
Again, a situation beyond our control. I've got a similar situation from the mother of the girl perspective. She's fifteen and mom is raising the baby while she goes to school. Babies having babies, and, again, no control. Is it any wonder that there are so many people going to the psych farms with their "control" issues? When truly put in perspective we have 'NO' control over anything other than what we, ourselves, say and do. For this reason I encourage people to search for a faith walk that will free them from having to be "in control." "Let go and let God."
Life takes on new richness when we stop trying to be in control. You see(here comes that nasty stress issue again)if you feel you must be in control, if things don't go the way you think they should, there must be responsibility placed and people either put it on someone else or themselves. You are not going to be a happy person if you do either. Take a peek back at that tornado. Nobody caused it, it just happened. Take a peek at your perspectives. Take control of the time 'YOU' have been given, and spend it wisely. God bless, Preacher.

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