Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cowboys And Christ Outgunning The Bad Guys!

My age probably shows when I say that I love cowboy movies. The "real" kind where the plot involves some serious blood shed and the bad guys get beat in the end, guy gets girl and all the rest of the schmaltz that goes with the territory. "Open Range" captured my imagination and kept it thriving throughout the " same old cowboy plot" length. In one of the scenes "Boss" and "Charlie" are burying "Mose"(killed by the bad guys along with Charlie's dog) and Boss doesn't want to say anything to God because he is angry with Him. Hey, pardner, can we not identify with that? It's okay to get angry with God. I believe God expects that of us every once in awhile. After all there is no human being that can know us as well as we know ourselves, and God knows us even better than that! I believe that being acknowledged as being "there" all of the time is a part of what God truly wants from us. Not just the praise and thanks He collects on Sundays, but the rest of our emotional beings as well. We can be more honest with God then we would ever dare to consider being with anyone we know, and it's just between Him and me, or Him and you. I guess what I'm saying is that it is really confidential. This is the first time since landing in Brookings that I have actually rented a movie myself, and it was not an entirely bad experience, but I have to admit I was surprised at the blood test(that's a joke)required. Great panoramic scenes burst across my screen, and the sounds(400 watts surround)made the whole thing just sort of come alive. I was rooting for the home team from beginning to end. That's how I believe God wants us to be in life, cheering the good on and wishing we could help. We can, every single day we can help. Life becomes even better than the movies when we are actively pursuing a course of fighting alongside the hero against the forces of evil. We don't have to go out with a six shooter on our hip(wouldn't that be nice, though). All we have to do is identify the bad guys (workers of evil), and join forces against them and we shall have earned the honor of rejoicing in the triumph of good over evil. Kevin Costner played a great "savior" role in the movie, but in real life we have one in Christ, and He is truly the greatest of heroes. Whatever the trouble, no matter how dire the circumstances, He is ready to ride through the storm with us and help guide us to the safe haven of a heavenly camp at the end of the roundup. Not to mention the good folks we get to share with along the way and all the great times we have together riding the range of life rounding up strays. Y'all have a really good one now, ya hear! God bless, Preacher.

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