Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How Much Enjoyment Do We Really Deserve?

God only knows what can be accomplished through faith. With this thought in mind I headed back to Gordon's studio this afternoon, with my wife's blessing, I might add! Cheryl has got to be the most understanding female it has ever been my honor to meet. The three musicians and the owner of the facility were waiting when I got there. I have a hunch they warmed up before my arrival. Old R & B, country and some blues beget an afternoon of musical delight. Thanks, to four fine players for more fun than I think people are supposed to have! We were once again treated to a cloudy afternoon which made the lack of air conditioned surroundings more than comfortable. There were the required amounts of coffee consumed and with head properly bound for keeping perspiration from dripping into eyes, it began. Hours of innovative lead lines laid down by the artistic talents of Gordon and Rod, backed by the percussive efforts of yours truly and a pair of veteran bass enthusiasts, Ken and Darrel. Gordy and I took a few turns at pounding out some rhythm on the drums, and a "machine" was employed for that task when everyone played their chosen instruments. The clash of shared styles would have been pleasing only to the ears of another musician, but it was good. The easy fellowship we shared, and the enervating, enthusiastic, and innovative manner in which the various parts and pieces came together was a joy(but then I like thunder and lightning, too). Excitement is the theme that so many of us look for in our lives, those moments that "stretch" us and help us to get beyond ourselves. We can do all of this and more within the context of our daily lives if we are willing to let God's Spirit flow around, and through us in all that we share with others. Not everything we do has to be "great," it's enough that we are entering in to the experience of life with others and taking a little time to enjoy. The key is(pardon the pun guys)to allow ourselves the freedom to express whatever it is that waits beneath the surface for an opportunity to shine. The elements are these, get everyone on the same page, start together, finish together, and in between our beginnings and our endings, enjoy what's happening. Sounds too easy doesn't it? Just maybe it is all part of a plan. Listen to the music of life and fit your part in where and when it's needed, it's bound to be "great!" You deserve it! You owe it to yourself to enjoy the blessings you've been given, and only Satan can take that away from you! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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