Monday, June 13, 2005

If You're In The Area Stop In And Meet Karen & Meredith

The very front is an old fashioned soda fountain. A little something to tantalize the child like taste buds that lurk within each of us, and we're ready for another "treat." Stepping through the archway that leads to the rear we find ourselves dazzled by a sparkling tribute to Christmas that never ends. Each area filled to the brim with everything you can imagine having in your home to fill the holiday season with reverence and brilliance! As we walk the wooden floor, reminiscent of days long past, we feast our eyes on immaculate displays created by the owner/manager, Karen. From the nostalgic to the novel, new and old are intertwined to create a veritable wonderland to please even the most die hard of scrooges. My personal favorites are the villages. Mine is setup on the grand piano at home(only for a few months each year, of course)with churches, a bakery, toyshop, candy store, icecream parlor, lots of homes, and a "bed and breakfast" which sits just a little north of the Harley shop. It's a town with cobblestone streets and street lamps from Dickens' time. I started it for my children and now I have their children to share it with as I retell the stories about the people and the businesses they run. It's especially interesting as they grow(my blessings)to hear them tell their own stories about the church services and the parts they have played in traditional celebrations. There are always vistitors in town for Christmas, and they come from far away on two wheels to celebrate with us. Now that I have 'puter pics of new found friends from all over the world of two wheels I have a plan to..........but I can tell of that during the season. When I first encountered Karen's shop I was a little hesitant. My wife was dragging me into another of those places that is more feminiscent than reminiscent of anything, or so I thought. That was a lot of years ago, and I think most often it's me that wants to go back and visit. I love it! The scent(here again it's feminiscent)of Christmas all year long. I always take my camera, and it's always new and different and exciting! Truthfully speaking I can't wait to take Kyra(my 4 yr old grand)here this year. It is going to be so cool to watch her amazement and share the wonder in her beautiful eyes as she "shows" me all of the things there are to see! She and Cheryl will have to have a soda, and I'll have to locate my credit cards, and it will be a perfect day. That is what Christmas is all about. That most perfect day when God sent His only Son that you and I and all of our family and friends might accept the invitation to eternal joy and celebration in the company of angels. And there are so many angels here to view. I don't always agree with the manner in which they are portrayed(there were no female angels mentioned in the Bible)so this is just part and parcel of a feminscent visit to one of our state's secret places.
Take the time if you're out this way, you will not be disappointed. And guys, just think of it as another place that handles Harley memorabilia and you'll do fine, I do! God bless, Preacher.

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