Wednesday, June 08, 2005

In Remembrance Of A Man Who Always Gave His Very Best

Joe is seated this very day in the congregation of the righteous who have gone before, adorned in robes befitting the real-life hero that he became on earth. Many are written about as having become "hero" material because circumstances made it necessary for them to perform an extraordinary act of courage. A hero like Joe has little need for words to be written about his life, the family he raised with his wife, and the families that their children have raised speak louder than the written word. Perhaps one can learn more about another human being through their friends and family than they can through personal knowledge. In that case I would have to say that in the past year of knowing Mr. Minyard I missed out on a lot of his life experience. We shared a Sunday evening Bible study that brought joy to my heart each week for nine months. He was there nearly every Sunday at the church, and when we had functions he was always in attendance. In our regular meetings he was one to whom others listened. Not out of respect for his years, but out of respect for the person. I have a feeling it has always been that way, even when Joe was a youth. Others looked up to him as a leader and one who seemed to possess the correct knowledge necessary no matter what the situation with which he was presented. My clearest memories of Joe will always be of the calm assurance that he carried with him. We were brothers in every possible way! Not by blood, but in faith, in feelings, and in family our lives touched one another's. Words spoken in prayer rise on the wings of faith and enter safely into the throne room of God's grace where Joe now sits, patiently waiting to share his vast store of knowledge should it be asked of him. We have celebrated his life and acknowledged the influence that he had on each one of us. Our personal goals will now include putting into practice the lessons we have each learned from a "good" man. How easy it is to walk past one another and never take notice. We can share so many bits and pieces of our lives, and yet there are so many that will never know us. Please know, strangers to one another we may be, but there is One to whom we can open our doors and be certain of receiving a welcome guest. Your voice is precious to Him, and prayer opens the door for Him to speak to your heart with peace, comfort, and love. A true hero is the silent servant that passes without notice, but whose absence is so deeply mourned. Joe, your shoes are going to be hard to fill, and you will be missed. Goodbye, dear brother in Christ. God bless, Preacher.

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