Monday, June 06, 2005

Preacher's Personal Passion For Wheels!

There is not a time in my life that I can remember not having a fascination with the wheel. It was little ones that first attracted my attention. They were on the legs of the "pen" that my aunt kept me in for the sake of safety. I found(shortly after discovering my amazing legs)that by lifting half of the bottom up in the pen I could roll it to a place that was more pleasing to me. That passion is with me today as I roll my place(this time of the year it is quite often a tent carried on the back of one of the Harleys)to somewhere more condusive to quiet reflection. As I considered these days away that lie ahead, a thought it struck me. "With the great passion Americans share for their wheels employed for every purpose imaginable, I might respond to the unanswered need for another "National Holiday." One which actually celebrates the wheel!" Think of it, every where in our great nation the wheel is employed in every celebration but never "celebrated." It doesn't seem to me that this is entirely fair. After all, the wheel plays a major part in most of our celebrations, as well as contributing to every other aspect of endeavor in our lives, but, sadly, goes without acclaim.
We could have one extra long weekend each year, devoted to the celebration of the wheel and how it enhances our experience of life. Think about it for a moment, the wheel encompasses every emotion shared by our collective mind. If the rubber surrounding the wheel ceases to hold air we curse it. If it rolls faster than someone elses, we praise it. If properly put to use it moves mountains, cleanses our water, provides electricity for our homes, and makes it possible for us to go anywhere we choose, even outer space! All this and so very much more. The wheel is deserving of celebration not just here in the US, but across the globe. A day that could be enjoyed by all peoples everywhere! There is no culture on our planet that is not knowledgeable when it comes to the wheel. The wheel could be that one profound revelation in revolution that everyone, everywhere, could identify with and agree to. This could be the next highpoint in human history that unites us globally. It all begins with the first turning of(you guessed it)the
wheel. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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