Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Sky Is The Limit, Well, Almost!

While attempting to post the "USA" picture last evening I inadvertently wandered in to my personal frustration zone. The photo came by way of one of my service buddies. I had it looking so cool, but for some reason it simply refused to post. Then I got paranoid of where the picture came from and how it was taken and perhaps I was divulging military information without knowing it. The mind can do some really strange things when it is allowed to roam untethered by reason. My personal favorite of the "paranoid" person was portrayed in a movie starring Mel Gibson quite a few years ago. I won't bother you with the details, you've probably seen it, but there was this underlying current of frustration that he experienced that made the entire plot come alive for me. Right now I am experiencing one of the most frustrating times I can ever remember having. It seems that God is in the process of attempting, once again, to teach this "old dog" some new tricks. I tackled the computer last fall in an attempt to learn some of the "new" things I needed for the program. Frustration after frustration assailed my waking moments with the "oh so popular" 21st century tool I was led to learn. At Christmas I remember thinking, "Lord, what need have I for this 'puter?" Well, now I understand in part, but it took half a dozen rebuilds and learning an entirely new language to get here. Honestly, I was happier with my half dozen dead languages and my poetry and music mixed in with the passion for photography. But, frustration or no, we carry on. That's what life is all about(either that or the song was right years ago and the hokey-pokey is what it's about)striving, building, and learning. In our everyday lives we need to know that we are continuing to grow, that we have not become stagnant in our thinking or in our spirits. The best way I know of to "freshen up" that spirit is to get closer to God in prayer(Cheryl, my wife, likes to "freshen up" with a visit to the salon and a new hair style. I think she does some praying there, mostly for her stylist, Miriam). Then there is the refreshing feel of the wind in my face on a day filled with sunshine(haven't seen one of those in awhile)and the roar of one of my Harleys as we roll mile after mile isolated from frustrations by the beauty of the world that surrounds us. Seek that time to refresh yourself, guard it jealously, use it wisely, and share it abundantly with your God, it makes Him happy when we are enjoying all He has done for us. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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