Friday, June 24, 2005

Stopping In To Take A Little Down TIme!

What a rush the last ten days have been in my life! There are times when it feels like everyone needs just a little bit more from me than I am able to offer them. Perhaps this is the "American" way, but I can't help believing that life is like this anywhere you go that you are involved with people and intrapersonal relationships. Perhaps that's why I sometimes start pondering the places I can go that I won't find anyone that needs anything. Some place where the phone doesn't ring, and their are no emergencies. Do you ever get to feeling this way? I'm sure everyone does, but we all have our own ways of dealing with the feelings. One of my(thinking about it honestly, I've got a lot of these) favorite "personal places" for getting away is deep inside the music that I create. I get in there and the distractions, worries, and bothersome details of living(like paying the electric bill on time and in full this month)just seem to slip away and the focus becomes an intense process that requires all of the attention I can bring to bear on the progressions and melody that become part of the "next" song. Usually the lyrics take shape well after the music has taken on form, and that's when the real work begins. To actually express my feelings through the vehicle that music provides I have to first take the time required to let God work in and(hopefully)through me. There was a time when I would plop down in front of the TV, catch the sci-fi channel, and zone out big time! That was happening six months ago when we still had cable. I find myself being much more productive without it than I ever was with it. All any one of us has to offer others is our time, and we must also set some aside for ourselves so that we can recharge our batteries for the next needed surge of power. That is where God enters in to my "personal place" and provides the time away that I need to refresh myself. The truth is, none of us can do it alone, and when we try we only give frustration and disappointment a foothold on our feelings and that can make our "time" miserable. I believe that I need some down time every day, and if that is true for me it could be true for you. If it is you might consider finding one of your "personal places" and giving yourself permission to get away, every day! I pray you have a wonderful day! Spend your time wisely, it's all you have, and we never know how much of it there is really going to be. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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