Sunday, June 05, 2005

Sunday Greetings To All Of The "Different" People!

Good afternoon from the sometimes sunny "Great American Desert." One of my 23 year old twin daughters used to whine and complain when she was a teenager because she wanted to be "different, like everybody else!" It took a lot of years, but she finally got her wish, I can certify that she is different just like everybody else(always has been, but it took her a long time to learn that). The weather in SD has no idea what it is doing. Our usual monsoon season has run way past the point of acceptability. One of the ladies up north of here has been waiting for over two weeks for things to dry up enough to put in fence posts for her new dog enclosure. She acquired a Corgi recently and didn't realize until the pup had familiarized itself with the surroundings that they have a penchant, literally a canine passion, for digging under, around, and through all obstacles. That in and of itself is a fine attribute for a dog designed for the task of digging a badger out of it's hole, but with the rains we have been experiencing the pup is now a mud covered fur ball with stubby little legs and a nose that remains mostly obscure. Linda has everything she needs for establishing a proper dog run. All that is necessary now is some "dry down" time for the yard and that animal will be secure. I've often wondered if the animals we choose to keep in realize that we're doing that for their own good. I know that teenagers don't operate that way. They think that we're trying to keep them from experiencing their freedoms in the manner that 'they' choose. My personal pups have all gotten past the "teenage" syndrome. Thank God for small miracles, we all survived! Now it's the older grands that most often concern my wife and I. You would think with all the years we have been in the habit of trusting God with these youthful lives that we might have learned some useful lessons. We have! We learned everything we could about the ones that are past that phase, and the most important thing we found out was that each one is different. Even when they include in their number two sets of twins! They may be about the same size and exactly the same age, but each one is different. The last two were born of opposite gender(trying to be pc here). My fondest memories of them in the double stroller come from visits to the local shopping center where invariably some woman would ask(men never bother with this type of thing), "Are they identical?" No, lady, the one in blue is a boy and the one in pink is a girl. Lol......Different, each one of us, male and female, similar and yet, distinctively different! Is that not cool? Even identical twins, aren't. No two snowflakes are ever the same, no two sets of fingerprints, or genetic dna code, so many possibilities, so much potential and all of it unique in every way. God works that way. Every one of us different, and every one precious to Him! God bless you, today, and everyday, and your precious ones. Michael and Alyssa had a baby, 9 pounds 11 1\2 ounces of healthy(already holding his own head up without assistance)male child. Thanks be to God! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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