Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tried, failed; Tried, failed; Tried, failed, gave up!

I have decided that attempting to "save" time is kind of like drilling a hole in the opposite end of the canoe that is leaking in an attempt to let the water out. It just doesn't work. I managed to make it "on time" for a few things, but that was only by the skin of my teeth and everyone else was having the same problem, time was slipping away too fast. This is the final day of June, and as I see it by the 'puter clock, the final forty minutes(forty in Hebrew is an indeterminate number), are swiftly approaching. I have only one last item on my agenda to attend to "on time," bedtime!
This was one of the days that it would be nice to have a "time card" that I could punch into a conveniently placed clock and pull out some of those hours I have so desperately tried to save in the past six months. Dream on, Preacher! I was so frustrated at times that I believe my tongue slipped into the realm of foreign vernacular, but only for a "short time." Of all my personal conglomeration of carefully planned and placed body parts my tongue, which is right under my nose, is the part that causes me the most grief. Time after time it seems to take on a life of it's own as it wastes precious time on the phone, happily enunciating my thoughts as the clock ticks and more time slips away. Fact, no matter how hard we try, there is no way to redeem time that has passed us by, unless, of course, it was well spent. It is for this reason that I share with you the secret of time. I believe that God(the same one who set everything in motion including how we determine our time)has allotted to each of us just enough time to get everything done that we have to do before adjourning to somewhere not measured by the world's standards. A fellow by the name of Paul spoke with me today while I was in the process of a time consuming 45 minute wait. He took a little time to share with me a philosophy which I had not before considered. His words were, "All religions are false, all beliefs are true!" I asked him if this were an original thought, and he said, "it certainly is." I believe him, because I can't ever remember anyone saying it before, and I know I haven't read it anywhere, that I would remember. What Paul did was give me something to do with my time (it might have been wasted on something really non-productive such as sitting on my Harley sulking because someone was wasting my time), we formed a philosophical bond in less time than it takes to tap out these words. Tonight I feel good about the day, but while it was happening it hurt worse than an abscessed tooth. We look forward to spending time with folks, we take time to do all of the things on the daily list, and then, if there is a little time to spare we might consider giving some of it to our Maker. My take on time is this, "no matter how we spend it, we are not going to be entirely satisfied, unless we can see somewhere in the midst of each day the "good times." You can't save it, so the best way to get along with it is to redeem as much of it in your mind as possible, and that includes praying to God for assistance when it feels like it is all just "slipping away." Incidentally, I really didn't give up, I kept at it until the percentages were in my favor, and now, as the day closes, I know for certain that I made the best of every possible moment today! I pray you did, too! God bless, Preacher.

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