Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The Bible When Used As A Compass Always Points The Way To Truth!

The answer has always been, "To get to the other side!" I suppose that makes a lot of sense to a chicken, but hardly constitutes sufficient reason to follow that rooster on the plank below. You and I have good reason to be wary of the leaders to whom we swear our allegiance. There are some out there who really don't have a clue where they're going, they just want someone to follow them, the more the merrier. Political leaders are some of the worst offenders, second are the so-called religious leaders of the newest craze in faith swings. I heard a joke recently concerning our Holy Bible. It's the version some persons in places of power have chosen to use as their guidline for creating a "following." I'm not going to bore you with the joke, but the punchline referred to it as the newly published "eraseable" Bible! All 66 books in #2 pencil so that anything you don't happen to agree with you can easily remove. The joke was humorous, but on the tongue in cheek side it is exactly what is happening in many of our christian churches right now. Texts that are contrary to today's popular opinions are left out for the sake of not "offending" anybody. Whoosh! It used to be a really simple decision people had to make, very black and white, right or wrong kind of stuff. Not so anymore! Now if you're going to be a part of a church you have to stay politically correct, respect all of the people who are a part of the congregation, and furthermore, by all means, do not step on anyone's right to interpret God's Word. It eventually boils down to people like us having to swallow deviant behaviors and practices if we're to keep on loving our fellow human beings in the context of the denomination we are associated with. For many folks, they grew up in a particular denomination and had no idea how things were changing until they found themselves confronted with issues that they can't truly accept but they're afraid to speak out or step away, either. An old adage comes to mind, "The only thing necessary for 'evil' to triumph over 'good' is for 'good' to do nothing!"
I'm throwing stones now, and you know it as well as I do, and I shouldn't do that.. but......unless......(so, forgive me, Lord, if my intentions are misunderstood). I don't give advice to people, it just isn't a wise thing to do; but if you're in one of those churches out there that has blindly followed it's leadership into the 21st century and begun to accept stuff that would not have been right 50 years ago, or even 25 years ago. If it is something that a Bible believing grandmother would not condone, then we have to be rethinking why we are willing to follow where we're being led. There are always some who are determined to set aside the truth in God's Word, I guess that's why people were so desperately in need of a Savior. If you have at one time seen His light, and walked in His ways, please check out your leaders and where they are headed. You're working from the same book, unless yours, too, is eraseable. Check that plank before you walk it! Not everyone will mislead you. Some very good men and women in power are being guided not by God's truth, but by someone's interpretation of God's truth. You have within you the irrefutable power of discernment, my prayer is that each of us uses it often and to the very best of our abilities. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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