Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Even The Most Winding Of Roads Has A General Direction

Conversations around motorcycle shops are somewhat limited in scope. Down the road a ways from home today I had occasion to pause for an unexpected pit stop. The usual topics of import were covered in the first half hour, that includes the latest jokes, upcoming rides, and rides just completed the last few weeks, not always in this order. It reminds me a bit of the banter that takes place around a sale barn before the bidding gets started, only there the crew are farmers and ranchers. It seems like we all have our "group specific" way of getting "easy" enough to talk serious. The backside of the small talk makes it possible even for people who have never seen each other before today become comfortable enough to share what is really on their minds!
This day, like so many others these past weeks, focused on the folks who are now riding either a celestial highway, or one that supposedly rumbles beneath our feet. Indian Larry was a regular guy, like so many others, and if you had the time to spend he was a wonderful source of inspired lessons waiting to be taught. Most of the lessons were derived from personal experience, of which the best ones are, very personal. Quite often my presence in the midst of really "at ease" bikers gives me an opportunity to witness on behalf of my Savior. Larry would say that there is never a better time to talk about what comes after life than when somebody you know well has just crossed over. Lately we've had quite a few do that(Indian Larry made his last ride in March)from around here. The general concensus today was that "everyone makes mistakes, some are just fatal!" None of us ever knows when we are going to be called, but we can make some very basic preparations for that time. The most important of these is knowing which way you're headed if you're called today. I suppose when I think about it seriously, I'm one of those preacher types that would like to see everyone in heaven. It's a thin line, that one we walk between the banter and the Bible, but it's one that brings with it rewards. Lately it's been getting together over a cup of coffee to really talk one on one about the details of faith. That is one of the ways to go about getting answers to those questions concerning who you think Christ is, and what He can do for your life, one on one! Here is another of my scenarios: Good is when you start thinking about getting those questions answered and maybe try out a church as a "drop in." Better is when you're sure you haven't got all the "right" answers and you strive through listening, studying, and actively seeking to get them. Best is when you find someone you know is a believing christian, sit down together, and let them tell you their story. If they're real they won't come to beat you with a Bible, they'll come because their Savior has called them to do just this. They'll come in humility, loving, caring, and filled with compassion for whatever life's roads have handed you. There's one other thing they'll do. That person will listen, and hear you, because they know that you are beginning to write your story, and it is through this that God's love for all of us will continue to be spread, from generation to generation, throughout the ages. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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