Sunday, July 31, 2005

Listening For The Approaching Thunder!

This past week has been spent in working far above the earth. Muscles that have not been truly "used" in ten years have sought to function as they did on the Hilton project in Rapid City. Reminders of which parts of my body have grown stagnant with disuse now bear witness daily to how sedentary my life style has become. Preachers, piano players, poets, and songwriters just don't spend enough time in physical trials to keep up with the increasing demands of a body that is aging. Social security is something I can remember family members looking forward to fifty years ago. Today, my prospects for receiving something back on 40 years of investment in the system are pathetic. Thank God I've invested well in my spiritual security! I'm not going to do a thing on the system here, that would not be any more profitable than that monthly check I may be able to draw one day(right now it wouldn't even cover the taxes on the home I'm living in).
A friend passing through on his way to the Blackhills Motorcyce Classic spent a few days with me this week. In the process of having breakfast this morning Richard shared this card. I immediately recognized the potential it had for topic material and scanned the thing in. I suppose there is something that can be said to the negative side of all these bits and pieces of information we glean from living, but this one just insisted on being shared today. I leave here tomorrow to begin what will be several weeks of intensive ministry on the road. The work will not be physically demanding as the activities of this past week were, but it will tax the temper of my spirit, and in that area I find myself exceedingly fit. Excercising the spiritual side of our triune nature is essential if you and I are going to live up to the challenges our Lord laid before us when He ascended into heaven. I suppose the easiest way to get through this life is to not worry about it and let somebody else take care of reaching the lost in our world. That's a thought I don't entertain for even a moment, because it isn't someone else's duty, it is mine! And it is the sworn duty of every person who is a member of the Crusader's for Christ that are gathering in Sturgis as I tap out this message. And it is the duty of the members of the Bond Slaves as they ride the roads in this direction in preparation for making a "difference" in the lives of others. Right there on site in the normally sleepy little burg of Sturgis churches are preparing themselves feverishly during these last days before the full scale assault takes place. Some who are there the whole year through are getting ready to fling their doors open wide once again. Others are preparing to lock and bar the doors for a few weeks! The list of Christian clubs on the way to western South Dakota is staggering. Many individuals will be coming up the drive and passing by our door as they roll through seeking to focus on the Great Commission as it pertains to their personal spiritual security. I don't believe you will ever see so many workers in one place all striving for the same goals as you can witness the next few weeks. Just in case you're curious, there are four accessible web cams in Sturgis operating 24\7 that you can tap into to check out what is going on. But the "real" work, is the same as it was this beautiful Sunday morning in every Bible believing church. Servants of Christ (Yeshua) helping others along the road to a very rewarding retirement, were rejoicing in the eternal hope of salvation. I pray this is a good day for you! If you have a moment say a prayer for all the bikers out there moving toward a modern day mecca of revival and renewal. Things are heating up on the highways. South Dakota is about to more than double it's number of residents for the next several weeks. The fields are "white unto harvest" and it is time, once again, to listen for the sound of distant trumpets announcing the arrival of heralds heaven has called forth to proclaim the acceptable day of the Lord once more! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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