Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Stopping To Watch The Clouds!

Perhaps it's just me that sees the world most days through some kind of happy lens. Like the love note I sent my wife at her E-mail address this morning, I know for a fact that she only picks up mail every other week or so, and she does that from her home office. I had no idea that she had started picking up at work on the employee computer in the cafeteria(this was the second time). Actually at the time I was putting the piece together with animations and sweet words of endearment I was thinking forward to our(coming soon) anniversary. So, I guess there are a lot of folks at the 3M plant that now know how much I care about my honey. That's alright, I can take the heat, and I will not allow this to embarass me in any way. It's been a day like that. God's blessings have been shining on me with blinding luminosity! Mom used to say, "Eat dessert first!" Dad would say, "Save the best for last!" I always thought they had to both be right, so I have dessert before and after dinner when the opportunity arises. Quick story: I was rolling down a highway about thirty miles from home today and stopped to take pictures of clouds. No sooner had I shut my Harley off then a lady of at least 70 years of age pulled over on the opposite side of the road to enquire if I had a problem. I told her no, I was just stopped for some pictures, and then I thanked her. She smiled, I smiled, and she was gone and I took my pictures and left. The thing is, I wouldn't want my wife to stop for somebody that looks like me when I'm on two wheels, but the lady that stopped made such an impression on me that I had to share it with you. God does a lot of things to let us know how much He cares for us. Sometimes we need to be reminded to care about one another. There are times when our caring is not fully understood, but that may work out for the best, too, once in awhile. In the case of ladies(this is generally speaking, of course)stopping for guys on Harleys, it's not a very good idea unless you know them. Personally I suspect she may have been an angel sent to remind me of how truly "good" most people are! This is South Dakota, though, who knows, maybe one of the guys that rides stopped and helped her at some point in time and she was just returning the favor to another rider. It would be great if we could understand people's motivations by their actions and words, but unfortunately this is not the case. I'm reminding myself to "not" look so deeply at incidents, save that energy for things we can interpret. Oh, I forgot a part of what mom always said, the rest of it was, "Life is short!" It is short, indeed! Perhaps this is why we all need to enjoy God's blessings as much as possible. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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