Thursday, July 21, 2005

Taking Time For A "Simple" Joy Life Offers!

The circumstances of the past few days in regard to the massive heart attack my children's stepfather experienced have come to their conclusion. I received word from my wife, Cheryl(she drove directly to the church after work to our prayer gathering), that Ken had been taken off the life support and passed away shortly thereafter. Another Ken was in prayer with us last night along with pastor Gavin. The news was not a shock, and we had placed everything in God's hands the night he was taken to the hospital, so this is how things were supposed to be. More details of the "life situation" are written up beginning with my Sunday blog. I continue in prayer for all of those whose lives this has touched so greviously. Following Wednesday evening's prayer time, Cheryl and I went home, her on four wheels and me on two. I suggested we both mount up and chase the sun for awhile. We tried to catch as much of the sunset as we were able. It was a really good one! We missed some of the spectacular moments by about 15 minutes, but that wasn't the sole purpose of our going riding together. The ride gave us time to reflect in our own solitude on the tragic, untimely death of another person we had shared this life with who wasn't quite 50 years of age. We rode, feeling one another's bodies pressed closely together atop the massive Ultra Classic Harley. We shared the rumble of the road, stopping several times to "shoot" the sunset. We didn't talk much(except for that moment on the interstate when we were a half mile from the road construction and I was up past 85 with the idea in mind of passing everything ahead of us before we got to the 45 zone, that's when the voice of reason sounded in my ear)! My thought is that we were both occupied with similar directions in our remembering. The bottom line for both of us when we got back home was one of acceptance of God's will in our lives and a strengthening of resolve to speed the healing process in our family as much as possible. There are times when we all need to "get away" for awhile and put all the situations into perspective. It is good that we have each other to share those moments with, and a blessing to know that is God present in this life, and the next, down every road we roll. We find our strength in Him, and we find the comfort for all of our heartaches in Him. He who created us also provides us with a Savior. It is in knowing the Savior that we find the strength and joy every day to "carry on." My physician has advised me to come in for a "stress" test. I've avoided that for a year and a half. So far, so good!! Life has enough stress without going to the lengths of finding yet another cause to be worried about things beyond our innate ability to comprehend with real, "faith inspired" understanding. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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