Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Change Is In The Air

Saturday was hot, dry, and windy, more the norm for early August that mid September, but this time of year we will take all the good days we can get. The rains have settled in once more in South Dakota. Neither the barometer or thermometer can tell up from down. The flowers know, though, and so do the birds, winter is rapidly approaching. Personally I am praying for one of those "lingering" seasons. There are years out here on the Great American Desert in which the snows and sub zero conditions hold off until well into January. The migration habits of the geese are one of the most telling signs, along with other birds, such as the tiny humming bird that was busily buzzing around the yellow flowers. I attempted to capture the tiny creature on the digital but I was far too slow. I think that's because it was a laid back Monday and without the sun present in the sky to keep me apprised of the passing of time I was in that "inbetween" stage. I'm sure passersby on highway 14 wondered what I was doing sitting alongside the road in the car. What I wanted was an opportunity to capture the sunshine and accompanying rays that I was certain were going to burst forth gloriously from their hiding places amidst the clouds. They never did. I suppose for some people, days like this are depressing. I know I had that inclination begin about midway through the day, but then I started searching for sunshine in places other than the sky. I found it! The glorious rays were found in the smiles of a grandchild, a blown kiss, a hand of friendship and the enjoyment of another's excitement over her impending wedding and the new home they are planning to purchase. Happiness is contagious(you wouldn't have guessed this by the faces of the folks at the supermarket or out on the road), but it is! It begins in our own hearts and spreads to all of those with whom we are able to share. Joy is a choice, one that each of us consciously makes. I know, it isn't all that easy to always be looking on the "bright side" of life, but I really like to try! Billy Graham wrote, "I am convinced that only Jesus can meet the deepest needs of our world and our hearts." Seeking happiness and joy? Seek first in faith, the rest will come. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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