Saturday, September 17, 2005

Passing The Time

Evenings grow chilly on the northern plains as I ponder the events and lives encountered this past week. One night in particular stands out in stark contrast to the world in which we live. The moon is nearing full so walking in the woods was easy once my eyes adjusted to the dark. Scents emanating from the surrounding trees and undergrowth soon pervaded my olfactory sense as I drank in deeply the night air. Small creatures could be heard scurrying about amidst the undergrowth as I made my way further into the timber. I don't suppose I was gone from the group for more than half an hour, but the time was undiscernable, other than being gauged by the slow rise of earth's evening monitor. The tendency for me to wander in thought further served my ability to forget time. Songs emanated from the distant studio whose lights could only but just be seen through the overhanging limbs still weighted with leaves soon to be shed. There are no trails through these trees, so I quickly lost any direction other than the light behind and the stars above. It was beautiful! Night's calm only broken by the distant sound of the drum as it was brought repeatedly to life with the rhythmic poundings of many people. Their voices chanting songs now centuries, or more, old. Soon my mental images conjurred up a fire surrounded by people much like myself. An urge to create just such a fire overcame me and I hurriedly returned, retiring to the far side of the home and driveways, to the firepit where I indulged my fantasy of flickering firelight. Soon there was a blaze established and others began to join the circle. Again, since I wear no watch when working on God's time, I have no idea how long we were there, but by the time the fire had begun to dwindle many thoughts were shared. Observations of out world and it's continuing difficulties, comments on the recent economic upheavals, and, of course, all of the accompanying accolades concerning the work we are doing. Our prayers go up and out at times such as this to those who are in need, and those who suffer. It seems no matter how good our lives are we seek constantly in prayer to uplift those who are not so fortunate. Today one of our circle sojourns across the prairie to bring solace and comfort to a family in regard to the recent loss of their mother, another is arriving in our 4th largest city to receive a national award, yet another prepares for an evening of sharing the "old songs" with brothers and sisters in Colorado. I prepare to provide inspirational uplifting to the Body of Christ here in Brookings at First Baptist through music and song. We will all return to the circle next week to share our experiences of this and other days that we are apart, and that is good. It has always been this way, will always be this way! For some the passing of time is a constant source of anxiety over all the human concerns of life, for others it is enough to know that we are doing all we can to relieve the cause of the anxieties. When you worship tomorrow take a moment to give thanks for the good in your life. Life in and of itself is cause for celebration. Celebrating life in Christ provides the strength to make the much needed difference in others lives, and after all, is that not why our Savior came? He came to make a difference in my life, and in yours! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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