Sunday, September 04, 2005

Still Working On Getting Things To Fall Into Place Where I Would Like Them To!

Even Before We Know We Are In Need, God Is Busy About The Task Of Preparing For Us Exactly What Is Necessary For Our Lives To Be Filled With Abundant Blessings!! Posted by Picasa
What a weekend! The weather was perfect, the roads beautiful, and best of all, we were together(my wife and I)enjoying the best of fellowship and friendship! One of the pics I shot from the balcony is of the stage we worked at Valiant Vineyards. I wish our time had been greater(Rude Awakening was the featured group performing), but the thrill of hearing our new CD on the overhead system in the main room is one I shall not soon forget! The accomodations were 5 Star, with a bed that I might still be in had it not been for the call of breakfast. Many thanks to Diane whose "down home" cooking made for a great start to an even greater day. I couldn't put in pictures of everyone that was a part of our shared experience so they will be saved for another day. This was the second year of the Buffalo Run Bed and Breakfast hosting a weekend of wine producers from across South Dakota. I don't have any idea what last year was like, but this one was just about right for me. A variety of vendors make this an event worth catching if only to see the beautiful pieces that are created right here on our doortstep. Artists and artisans share space with the wine producers with whose names I am only beginning to familiarize myself. Our gracious host joined us for breakfast prior to assuming his duties of guiding tours through the cool of the subterranean chambers deep beneath the Buffalo Run Resort. Many thanks to everyone that made this a memorable weekend and a blessing in all of our lives. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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