Monday, September 26, 2005

Times Have Changed!

The concept of what we were doing today didn't dawn on me until about 12 hours after it began. We were a small cluster of concerned ecumenical individuals discussing the relevance of events that occurred some 2000 years ago based on the writings of individuals 500 years ago that were summed up over 1200 years ago and are still being discussed today. Let me see if I've got that right,...12 - 5 + 15 x the number gathered and divide that by the number of cups of coffee required to stay awake 'til noon. Yeah! I got it. It was great, the whole day. To think that here on the Great American Desert we can be blessed with a gathering of minds with insights that are fresh and yet founded on the same faith ideals that were taught yesterday in church is reassuring to me. We're going to do it again tomorrow starting at 8:30 am give or take a few cups of coffee and rolls, for sure! Thoughts and feelings are being shared in the spiritual department that few will ever read, even fewer will hear about, and the news clip at 11 won't happen! Lol....but it was good! My favorite thus far is my senior by at least a quarter of a century who seems to have more on the ball than pastors a third his age. Maybe that is something I have to look forward to, more genuine "meat" on the bones of my rhetoric as I "mature." This would not be most people's idea of a "good time," and hasn't been one of mine for quite some time in the overall fabric of denominational heirarchy. It wouldn't be now, if the churches were not by and large across the board shaking down to the very foundations of christendom. This is not an arena for the shy or the easily offended. The language becomes strong and, I might add, sometimes bordering on the right down abusive. Having wandered around in the political arena during my youth(entertainment for several campaigns)I have a remembrance of how politicians speak of one another when the doors are shut. This was not much different. It is encouraging, though, to see that there are some seriously straight shooters in the world when it comes to matters of faith's future in America. You see, it isn't a job anyone wants, and it certainly isn't one that would be chosen by many. To quote one such individual from history, "Here I stand I can do no ____!" I pray we fill in the blank today as Luther did 500 years ago. God bless, Preacher.

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