Tuesday, September 06, 2005

World's "Fastest" Guitar Picker & Fatihful Sidekick!

Talk about strumming up a storm! In the midst of Sturgis 2005 we once again had the pleasure of Dennis on stage playing his guitar, and sharing the message of faith in Christ. I could do chapter and verse on the Harley he rides, but that isn't the important stuff that was happening the nights he was with us. The main player on our stage is God, first, last, and always! Dennis had just returned from several weeks overseas with the Franklin Graham Crusade and brought a message of hope for our world. The only message that really matters, the one of God's saving Grace and the blood of the lamb that was shed for our sin. I look forward to working next year with the folks Dennis brings to camp. Every year it's a little different, and every year it's a lot the same, Christ is proclaimed boldly to all who come! God bless, Preacher.

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