Friday, September 16, 2005

Worried About The Future? Don't Be! It's In Great Hands.

I just got done sending a reply to a lady who is very upset about the rulings in California about the pledge of allegiance. The story is probably everywhere by now. I don't give advice to people, but I do try to give them insight when it comes to their personal levels of emotional investment in issues. Kathy(pictured above)is one of several children belonging to a troup who do outreach ministry(christian-as in for Christ)all over the nation. It is young people like these that we need to look to when it comes to issues concerning how the government or the schools, or anyone else, for that matter, tries to legislate our religious freedoms. It cannot be done. One person going out and causing an uproar only serves to strengthen the cause of my Savior. As a columnist once put it, "Any publicity is good publicity." That is what folks accomplish when they bring these things into the courts. They actually provide fodder for more sermon material on Sunday mornings and strengthen more people's faith than they are capable of understanding. The harder you push, the harder you get pushed back. Letting God be God, and keeping my own levels of anger under restraint is not easy for me. I use the only tool that I know really works, prayer. In the end, there will be more positive ramifications to these sort of proceedings than we can imagine now. And even if the kids don't say it out loud, it is in their minds and their hearts. You may be able to legislate what can or cannot be said, but there is still no way you can possibly control the thoughts of young people. Thank God for that blessing. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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