Monday, October 03, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen

I tried to get this out last night, and that would have happened if not for the communications setup being worked on over the weekend. I'm still so new to using the 'puter that everytime something doesn't work the way it has in the past I figure it is my fault. Guess what? I have now learned after a year of using this new tool of the modern world that other people can make mistakes, too! This little "portabeast," (my new term for the 'puter in a briefcase, sort of like a "porta potty, only this little ditty can dump on you instead of you using it) is not without flaws, and it can be somebody else that is messing with things somewhere. I guess things are back to normal, I'm running way far afield of my intended purpose this evening.
Jackie Bird! Extraordinary lady with whom I work from time to time is ready to begin doing tracks in the studio again. Jackie has performed across the nation and across the seas, and presented here in the US for the President in the White House. I never asked her which one of them she had the honor of performing for, or even if it was only one. We don't get around to talking too much about the things we've done, we tend to focus much more strongly on the things that we want to do in writing, creating, and performance. She is a people person with a heart as big as Alaska with a spirit to match. If you haven't had the opportunity to hear her you might consider picking up one of her CDs for a listen. Jackie is an energetic, exciting, and extremely talented young lady. For instance: When she is working the traps her command of the band is such that she lays down a solid rhythm that pulls together players from an extremely wide variety of stylistic approaches. Jamming with the best she is still "out front" even when she's in the back. First, though, is her vocalizatons of original works given her by God, as she puts it. Her voice conveys an essence of the spirit-filled person that she is, sending out the messages she writes so well with a depth of feeling that one has to hear to comprehend. Whether she is sitting on the floor in the studio strumming her guitar or working the center of a huge stage under glaring lights her presence doesn't change, though. The same person shines through no matter what the occasion. Jackie's daughters, sons, and her grand daughter share the spotlight with her on occasion. Each one multi-talented, and raised in the tight family tradition that balances performance and personalities with an expertise often lacking in our modern world of "stars." I'm looking forward to our next session. The last one had us working with Jared from Australia doing new "stuff" that will be on the upcoming CD. He wandered through our Great American Desert while touring the US following his introduction at the World Day of Prayer in NYC. (Looking forward to seeing you again one of these days, Jared) Jackie brings her talents and gifts to the stage in service to people everywhere, and has what she calls, "an old spirit," but there is nothing old about how she does what she does! Her combination of faith and family, past and present, and the here and now are a welcome addition to my personal experience in the world of live entertainment. God truly blesses us each day with the time to bring talents and gifts to bear for His glory in this, our earthly existence. Thanks, Jackie, for your heart, your songs, and the spirit you bring to every session. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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