Tuesday, November 01, 2005


We have received so many gifts that it hardly seems fair to criticize the gifts that others have gotten through their hard work and skillful application of talents. I'm going to anyway! After all, that's only fair when you consider that this is what they are doing to others.....
The new issue of "Forbes" magazine has a front page that says, "ATTACK OF THE BLOGS." The cover blurps include, "They Destroy Brands And Wreck Lives" and my favorite, "Is There Any Way To Fight Back?" I got my issue yesterday in the mail(out here on the Great American Desert it takes just a little longer to get to us-overnight from here to anywhere further away than a state that touches our borders is two to three days). Intrigued by the fuss and realizing that I had been a victim of a portion of it, I went out across the web and did some research. The article was right on. I'm not certain of how they arrived at the figure '100,000' new blogs each day(like somebody is actually counting-America would run out of 'puters rather quickly I would think). Statistics can be used to prove almost anything if one manipulates the numbers and base long enough. Microsoft watching over the shoulder of its 2,000 blogging employees did not surprise me. Even the fact that they were pressured during one of the "gay rights" bill presentations in Washington State into making a 180 and going from anti to pro in a matter of two weeks should put us in mind of how powerful the blog can be. During that same period of nationwide activity I received a substantial portion of E-mails regarding statements of a purely personal nature out here. Silly me, I was very new to most of this(using a 'puter now for a little over a year)and stuck my address out on the blog. Thank God it was the alternate and not my home address thing! Here I've gone running far afield and lost sight of the rabbit I was chasing though. I actually enjoy blogging and I enjoy other folks blogs. The thought of using them to intentionally cause someone grief has never entered my mind until the article in Forbes. That's where I was with the gifts thing. If someone has great abilities why not use them for something good instead of banging a corporate head into submission. Sure, there are businesses that are not good, but one rarely hears anyone bashing them, instead they go after someone such as the Halperin people who really did not mean anyone any harm, only good! Maybe it rubs raw the feelings of some when success seems to be coming to a particular few. Now we have the allusion to this being some sort of modern "CRUSADE," a call to arms to take someone down. I think it very wise for each of us to check out our facts before we jump into the act of fanning flames that are burning anyone! Think of it like this: We all have gifts that we can use for accomplishing positive things. We all have needs. We all have a right to the freedom in America to do pretty much as we'd like apart from breaking the law, of course. But, do we have the right to do wrong just because we can? It's a moral dilemma and in a world where less and less weight is placed on moral values we have to wonder, "In whose best interest are some of these things being done?" It certainly isn't for me, I like to think that I can make my own decisions and choices. Just a little something to think about the next time you run across one of those negative things out here. My mother always said, "If you can't say something good about somebody it is best not to say anything." She didn't put it exactly like that, but you get the idea. God bless, Preacher.

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