Friday, December 16, 2005

Classics Are Never Out Of Style

Last night's singing put me in mind of many things. Number one on my memory's hit parade was the wonder of love that God has shared with us in the birth of my Savior! Next came the music and the many forms it has taken throughout the centuries. As a result of the mental musings I was drawn to classical endeavors today. Bach and Pachelbel, a little Mozart and a few other less known names crossed the rack on the grand piano. Finally at midnight the inspiration that I was seeking came. That inspiration will be this Sunday's prelude at 1st Baptist in Brookings, SD. This is a big one for me! Not only do I get to share in the service through the music, but I get to preach as well. God's Word at Christmas! How cool can one person's life get! My fingers have become a little sore from the excercise they've been getting the last few hours, but not so much so as to preclude me tapping out a message to you from the Great American Desert. We have snow, for sure, but right now it is of the friendly kind. Don't ask about the type that isn't! Friends are winging their way to Colorado on a brief road trip. We keep them in our prayers. Other firends are hitting the fields tomorrow in search of the elusive ringneck pheseant for which South Dakota is well known. I would love to be on the road trip, or out hunting, or off to some distant(large city)to shop. Alas, that is not in the plans for the weekend. I will, however, be spending the entire weekend with my grand daughter, my wife, and the occasional passerby. Life is good as we cross the "ten days 'til Christmas" line here in our humble hovel. I pray you are busy about the task of enjoying the season. We drove through some of the decorated areas of our town tonight. Kyra was amazed by the lights and the homes done in festive attire. I promised her an evening walk downtown to view more lights, and tomorrow night may be the perfect time for just such an outing. There is so much to be excited about during this season of celebration. So much so that oftimes the true meaning becomes blurred. Not so much where we are as it is in some places. My most fervent prayers this year are that our country would begin to turn once again to God for guidance in all things. Even though we have been busy about the business of getting God out of most places in our nation it is good to know that there is one place that it is safe to keep Him, your heart. Keep your spirits uplifted and rejoice fully in this most blessed holiday. Christ lives in our hearts and God is reigning on high. All is right with the world! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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