Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Dozen Roses All In A Vase

Christmas will touch our hearts this year as it does every year with opportunities to go beyond thinking of ourselves and consider the needs of others. My life was totally blessed yesterday with the gift of one dozen roses. They were unexpected and certainly undeserved. The young lady who gave me the lovely flowers made sure it was okay with my wife before buying them for me(she is one of the singers that shares the stage with me from time to time). What can I say? I really love getting flowers! I'm sure it was alright with her hubby, too, he is one of the best Guys I know. They are off to Jamaica for a weeks holiday before the Christmas crunch. I offered to go with them and play piano, but they didn't think they would be needing a piano player. Alas, I am stuck here on the Great American Desert in the snow and cold while they are winging their way to a sun & fun filled holiday. No, I am not being jealous! Quite the contrary, I'm thrilled that they can be there with one another(they've only been married two years). Thanks so much for the roses, though, they are a reminder to me that people care. That's the big thing about gifts, ya know, the caring. No matter what the gift is, someone cared enough to give it. That's where the gift of our Savior enters in. God so loved each and every one of us that He gave His only Son that we might attain to the greatest gift of all, eternal life in Christ. Pretty cool when you think about it! And it isn't a gift just given to a few, it's given to everyone who believes and receives Christ as their personal Savior. I'll get some ties again this year, and some socks for sure, but the roses, even though they last but a short time(I had to divide them into two vases 'cause it was way crowded for them in just one)will have given me a memory that brings about a smile. I like to smile! As you go about your Christmas business that is the one gift you can give everyone you meet, a smile. The returns are wonderful! If you want to get yourself something special this year consider the gift of salvation that you can have for free. Now there is a gift that will keep on giving eternally. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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