Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Helpful Hint #63

Organization is not easy for anyone. For me it seems that there are some things that refuse to be gathered together and kept. Therefore, I have attempted to resolve one of my personal issues with the light bulb dilemma encountered in the past. Those little boxes tend to be awkward for me and forever I am grabbing the wrong wattage for the application. This quick and easy solution came while I was disposing of Christmas trash and replacing bulbs in our dining room. It's one of those things with me that I have approached from a lot of directions with little success. Sort of like trying to talk faith to some folks who really don't want to hear it even though it might be exactly what they need in their lives. One might say, "The light came on for me today!" in a most interesting way. This is not everyone's answer for how to store bulbs, but it is currently my newest. Keeping them up high in a cabinet doesn't work because invariably I either drop them or can't find the right one. This way the entire array can rest in a drawer and when opened they're just there. Cool(at least it is for me)! When I go about talking to folks about where they are in relation to God it is not like trying to change them immediately, although that sometimes happens. It's more like finding the right amount of light that is needed so that they can see the truth. Every time I start thinking about one difficulty it seems that I come up with solutions for other problems while wrestling the original. This was fun! Time will tell if it works, but at the present I don't see why it won't. If only it were this simple with people. Getting the eggs out without breaking any was easy. Cutting the bottoms out of the holes was messy, but accomplished quickly. Even inserting the bulbs was a snap. Perhaps God has a purpose in revealing this plan to me. I don't suppose I'll know for awhile. I look forward to something burning out somewhere in the house so that I can put the "idea" to a practical test. With folks my prayer is that they receive the light they long for before I do the burning out. In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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