Monday, December 26, 2005

Seasoning The Reasoning!

Interesting thoughts accompany the winding up of this Christmastide. I've been blessed to cover some 15 states(and at least as many HD shops)the past couple of months. Some of you that read me from time to time know that I write about the ministry that accompanies my steely steeds and I when we travel the highways and byways of our nation during the weather that is permissive. I've got a cousin that works as a regional rep for the company, and many friends whose livelihood is derived directly from their expertise with Harleys. Then there are those with whom I share the simple freedoms and fellowship of the open road, and the 100s that work in motorcycle ministry year around! This year I made a point of visiting shops all over the US when time permitted. Our government has managed to squelch the "faith based" roots of our country in many ways, but private enterprise where persons of the christian persuasion work at jobs they love is not one of them. Now, it has occurred to me to begin methodically surveying the members of the HOG(Harley Owners Group)locally(about 600 in our area)to find out where there allegiance is to be found in direct proportion to God & Country. No need to do that. I already know the answer! By and large the HOG membership is christian to the core, with non flag-waving members amounting to less than half of a total percent worldwide. Now, this is only an opinion, but when you take into account the popularity of the machine and it's "legend" and place that alongside sentiments that seem to grow against the US in other countries it would seem that we have common ground that stands alone against public outcry. I would venture to say the HD emblem is as loved in France as their president(maybe more so)! What do we learn from this? God uses the tools that are provided in every situation to keep alive the essence of truth that the Holy Bible presents to all mankind. Some modern day authors and graphic arts people have gotten together and presented a picture of my Savior on a Harley with the pronouncement that if He were to come today, He'd be riding a Harley rather than walking. I can't, in all honesty, take it that far, but I can add this note of personal experience....out in that real world we live in the people on two wheels that I know are the very type that my Bible refers to often when it teaches character lessons in the form of parables. Parables about people are still being written. I pray we write them on hearts as often as possible. Many thanks go out tonight to the people of faith that own and operate the dealerships across our great nation "under God!" Their lights twinkle brightly, and their greetings mount up tall and proud against the backdrop of a nation that seems to be losing God in the midst of the 21st century. When you see those riders out there this coming season, give them a wave and a smile. The same freedoms that our nation is restricting every day they are seeking to keep alive in every possible way! In Christ's Love, Preacher.

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